Robert LIgertwood

We’ve hosted a ton of events over the 25+ years Naked Cyber Café has been open, and have met many awesome folks.

Here are some of the comments they’ve made:


Martha Brooks

"The soulful quality of the venue and its management, the gorgeous staging area, lighting and sound, not to mention the monster piano, makes Naked Cyber Cafe a dream to work in." One of the audience members texted me the next day to say, "Reminded me of Charlie Parker's Birdland jazz club in nyc, one of my favourite places on earth."  

ImagiNation Miscellany

ImagiNation Miscellany

Hello Bob and David, You have been incredibly supportive & flexible – right down to connecting us to the Sound Tech. (Andrew was incredibly professional), to helping us with hick-ups along the way, having free space for meetings/showcases, allowing us to move furniture & bringing in vendors into the space. I know these things are far and above what other venues would provide & it does not go unrecognized. Most of all, your values for supporting community & the love for the arts is what stands out the most. The cafe is very inclusive and one of the very few all-ages venues in the city – we were even able to have children perform! So key in building community! Kristina, Amrita – ImagiNation Miscellany