The power of charisma: Become the most likeable person in any room!
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November 16, 2019 @ 4:00 pm

Strong communication skills are extremely important both in your private and business life. Effective communicators build stronger relationships, make more money and achieve higher goals than those who struggle with people skills.

In this meetup you will:

-Boost your self-esteem so you can express yourself with confidence

-Become a better listener

-Prevent and resolve arguments

-Speak with charisma so you can influence others

Becoming a better communicator will open up your life to new opportunities, whether it is building new relationships, becoming a leader or making more money.

This event is designed for parents, business owners, professionals, students, and employees. It’s basically for anyone who interacts with people. At one point you will be on a date, in a meeting or in a negotiation and wish you knew how to convey charisma to get what you want.

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