Naked Cafe

Well, it's been 25+ years and we've been providing a place for local musicians and artists to come and express themselves. When we started, we were one of the first internet cafes around, and that's been part of our business for all these years. Admittedly, in the beginning it was a bigger part, since we [...]

Improv – Supporting Inner City Youth

We’re excited to be hosting the monthly Improv with Boyle Street and Rapid Fire Theatre! Naked has been supporting inner city youth for a couple of decades, and this is a great way to spend a couple of hours: enjoy a coffee, have a laugh and help out. Admission is by donation. Last Tuesday every […]

New Events Calendar

I’ve installed a new events calendar that should make booking events a bit smoother! You still submit a booking ON the events calendar, just use the little button at the top right corner. Fill in some info, contact info, date etc (you can skip “venue info” because well, duh). Once it’s submitted you’ll get a […]

Munya Mataruse

One of the coolest artists who just “walked in” one day years ago, was Munya Mataruse. (@MunyaMats) He just dropped in one open stage, and blew the place away! A big star in Africa, he wanted to move into the Canadian market as well and brought his amazing stage presence to our stage! BIO: Munya Mataruse […]

Eviction of Naked – Fish Griwkowsky

This article by Fish Griwkowsky from back when Naked CyberCafe was first kicked out to make way for the “downtown entertainment district”. Also known as let’s get rid of “those people” from downtown. Fish on Facebook  


One of the things that I love about the cafe is that we’re all the same within it’s walls. (That’s technically true anywhere, but very formally within them). When you’re inside Naked, you can hang out and read, use a computer, or drink coffee and do your homework. You can also join in many lively […]

Local neighborhood community music venue

It’s been 23 years that we’ve been providing a place for local musicians and artists to come and express themselves.

When Bob started Naked, it was on Whyte avenue, and was  24/7, smoking was still allowed, and computers were relatively new, so they were all occupied 24/7.  Eventually Naked was on Jasper avenue for years until “Downtown Business” developers decided to create an “entertainment district” which didn’t exist on 104 street, and kicked out all the small, locally owned businesses including Naked, Hole In The Wall cafe, Frontpage Magazine, New City Suburbs etc.  To make room for a bunch of hastily built bars.

While we’ve been around for a couple of decades, and have experienced our share of harassment (for being a local, creative space with artists, musicians, creative people, goth kids, after-bar drag queens and every other cross section of society) we’re still around and keeping the place open to provide somewhere for local young people to play music, and express their creativity.

Today, everyone has digital devices with them all the time, so while computer use is less, we’ve focused more on music.  In fact our computers have been removed to make room for more people to sit and enjoy events.

Thursday open stages start at 9pm, and our stage (which is FULLY equipped) is available for local artists to book their shows, especially new local artists who can do a show and invite their friends, family and fans to an intimate experience.

We look forward to hosting more and more artists, and for those who need computer use, we’d suggest the Edmonton Public Library as an alternative.

Your non-exclusive late night cafe and music venue.